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June 16, 2020

Most scientists agree: The Earth needs an intervention if humans can continue living on its surface.

With most developed countries having critical development strategies about sustainability, governmental and non-governmental organizations dedicated to the protection of our biosphere, and the growing public debate about many of the biggest environmental issues like climate change, it is necessary that St.Kitts-Nevis joins the global vision of a greener and sustainable future. Green Solutions International SKN Incorporated is here to do just that, by fostering the growth and creation of eco-friendly Caribbean communities.

To begin the first phase of the mission to advance energy and environmental sustainability in the Caribbean, Green Solutions International started environmental outreach about a critical environmental issue; climate change through its launch event.

Dr. Kimberly Stephenson hosts mini-workshop focused on climate change for high school students on Nevis for the GSI launch.

The first part of the launch event was held in Nevis at the Charlestown Secondary School, with a focus on educating the local youth on climate change, a concern that will only get greater with future generations. The host of the mini-workshop, Dr. Kimberly Stephenson, is a scientist and researcher at the University of the West Indies Climate Change Studies Group at the campus in Mona, Jamaica. With the assistance of the founder of the organization, Dr. Wayne Archibald, Dr. Stephenson showed the students various detailed presentations, simulations, and demonstrations of climate change and implications of the environmental phenomenon in local and regional communities, economies, and infrastructure. As a result, the mini-workshop for students was a success, as attendees left feeling empowered with knowledge to do something to mitigate climate change in St. Kitts and Nevis.

“Climate Matters”, the public lecture whose speaker was Dr. Tannecia Stephenson, also a scientist and researcher at the Climate Change Studies Group at the UWI Mona Campus, as well as a lecturer, was held at the UWI Open Campus in St. Kitts. The event saw opening remarks from Dr. Archibald about the purpose of Green Solutions International SKN and what the organization hopes to achieve in St. Kitts and Nevis and the larger Caribbean. Dr. Stephenson used a three-part explanation to illustrate why exactly climate should matter to the citizens of Caribbean nations: climate matters because the lives of everyone on the planet is unavoidably linked to it, the science suggests that climate is changing and therefore citizens’ lifestyles will be altered by it, and the future of the earth and mankind depend on the public acting against climate change. Not only was the public lecture well attended, but it sparked many informed discussions about climate change in the audience, which was the aim of Green Solutions International’s launch event – to start a serious and inclusive conversation about environmental issues in local communities.

The warm reception from the public of Green Solutions International’s launch event only confirms that the vision of the organization - to serve as an intellectual hub for learning, networking and innovation in and across the Caribbean, in all areas pertaining to green technology, is not only plausible, but a needed entity in St. Kitts and Nevis and its neighbors in the Caribbean basin. GSI hopes that the public will continue to support the efforts of the organization, and join us in our mission of establishing vibrant, energy sufficient communities in the Caribbean.