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Our mission is to (i) foster the integration of research, education and public service on green technology and sustainability; (ii) promote Caribbean inter-Islands’ cooperation; (iii) advance interdisciplinary investigations and learning; (iv) collaborate with academic, government and industry partners both locally and regionally; and (v) research, develop, demonstrate and monitor green technology.

Achieving the vision of the Green Solutions International SKN will require a collaborative effort involving local and territory agencies and elected officials, industry, educational institutions and the broader public. Green Solutions International SKN will coalesce this group toward a common purpose of advancing energy, environment and sustainability practices in the Federation with an eye toward serving as a model for and assisting other Caribbean islands to achieve the same.

In the face of severe economic pressures and energy and water insecurity, Green Solutions International will serve as an important clearing house for information and processes geared towards supporting and protecting natural resources and the development of alternative and renewable energy technologies.


With the goal of establishing vibrant, energy sufficient communities, our vision for the Green Solutions International SKN Inc. is to serve as an intellectual hub for learning, networking and innovation in and across the Caribbean, in all areas pertaining to green technology.


  • Advance scientific research and application, and the development and implementation of context-relevant technology.

  • Promote public engagement on energy/water security initiatives and environmental protection.

  • Develop workforce capabilities to support a secure energy and water future and drive local economic development toward a sustainable future.

  • Build and enhance partnerships and co-operation.

  • Build organizational and operational capability.


  • Climate Change and Resilience

  • Energy 

  • Environmental Studies 

  • Biodiversity 

  • Transportation 


Executive Director GSI

Wayne Archibald, PhD

Dr. Wayne E. Archibald was born and raised on the island of St. Kitts. He obtained his B.S. in Chemistry and A.S. in Physics (with honors) from the University of the Virgin Islands in 1997.  He completed his M.S and PhD at the Carnegie Mellon University in 1999 and 2004, respectively. He joined the U.S. Army as an enlisted soldier for 3 years and provided yeoman service in the USVI National Guard for another 4 years.

Having completed his studies, he worked for 5 years in the semiconductor industry as a Product Development Engineer for digital and analog devices at Texas Instruments in Dallas and Maxim Integrated Products in Oregon.

Dr. Archibald served as an Assistant Professor of Chemical and Physical Sciences in the College of Science and Math at the University of the Virgin Islands from 2010-2016 and was the founding Director of the Green Technology Center at that Institution.  During that time, he was appointed Visiting Research Fellow at Harvard University where his research on materials for fuel cells was funded by the National Science Foundation Leadership Development Initiative for young investigators. His collaboration with the Army Research Lab in Aberdeen, Maryland during his tenure at UVI, as a visiting scientist afforded him the opportunity to have his work used for outreach and educational purposes.  He is currently an Adjunct Research Associate at Columbia University where his research is focused on studying the properties of 2-dimensional materials.  

Dr. Archibald has received many grants from national and international agencies some of which include The National Science Foundation, The US Virgin Islands Department of Education, The United Nations Environment Program, and The US Department of Energy.  He has done much work on energy development in the US Virgin Islands and has been instrumental in providing solutions and pertinent information to members of the local legislature on energy and environmental issues.  Additionally, his publication, “Islands in the Sun and The Solar Power Deployment Initiative in the US Virgin Islands” was featured on the cover of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) Electrification Magazine (March 2015 issue). 

Dr. Archibald continues to be an instrumental figure in the field of energy conservation and has ensured that his legacy will continue to be of significance to sustainable development. As such, he has founded Green Solutions International SKN Inc in order to assist the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis in energy development and lead the way for environmental sustainability in the region. 


Solar Investment Advisor, Solife Inc.

Ricardo Boatswain

Instructor/Researcher at University of the West Indies in Climate Sciences/Biodiversity

Kimberly Stephenson, PhD

Retired Army and NATO Land Operational Energy

Desmond Keyes 

co-Director, GSI

Sharon Archibald, MD

NABCEP Instructor, Solar Energy Professional, Hawkins Design Group

Randy Dunton

Ocean governance professional

Randel Thompson MMM

Vice President Meister Consultants Group,

A Cadmus Company

Christina Becker-Birck,MS